The Gospel

The gospel is illogical in our human understanding when it tells us to love and respect an imperfect husband, to forgive 70×7 a repeating offender, to walk in to the face of suffering and to believe in things we cannot see. But when we walk into the baptism of blood of Christ and rise with him, we are opened to the “logic”, or rather, the glory of the mysteries of the faith. We, then, are not controlled by the mind only but by the Spirit which reveals all things to those who are in Christ. I cannot argue the gospel with one who does not want to see outside of themselves… but when you come to the end of yourself (your human ability to understand) giving up control and the desire to rule, then you walk into the mysteries of the faith: To worship a God more knowledgable, more magnificant, and more perfect than we can ever become or know. This is the beautiful exchange- human ignorance for glory, flawed perception for magesty, tainted ‘good deeds’ for perfect love.