Beholding the Love of God by Timothy Keller

Sermon – Beholding the Love of God by Timothy Keller

This sermon is gold if you ever wanted to know what it looks like to experience God and what the difference is between someone who has beheld God and one who is religious or moral. Soooo good and convicting that God will not be controlled and a great reminder of how great his love is, that moves and remakes us! Pastor Tim Keller paints a great picture that God’s work in us is not counter to intellect but moves the knowing of truth into the whole of our being.

I love TK!


Beholding . . .

Beholding God is more important than figuring your sin out. God can do a better job at that anyway. If you abide in Him, he will work out your sanctification –  In his time, by his power, in perfect conviction and perfect grace. Beholding the one who is Love and Truth must produce fruit simply because you cannot behold something so good and not be changed.